Giuseppe Abamonti

Abamonti, (or Abbamonte), Giuseppe: (b. 1759, Caggiano [SA]. d. Aug. 8, 1818). Political leader. A participant in an unsuccessful conspiracy in 1794, he fled from Naples, going first to Oneglia, and then Milan. In 1797, he helped to found the Giornale dei patrioti italiani in Milan. In 1798, he served as Secretary-general for the Cisalpine Republic in northern Italy. The overthrow of the Bourbons in Naples in 1799 allowed him to return south where he became a member of the executive committee for the short-lived Parthenopean Republic. The return of the Bourbons resulted in Abamonti’s arrest for treason. Condemned to death, his sentence was commuted to deportment for life. He was allowed to return to Milan where he resumed his post of Secretary-General. In 1801, the Bourbons were again driven out of Naples and the new government of Joseph Bonaparte overturned Abamonti’s sentence. Returning once more to Naples, he served on the new state council. After the overthrown and death of Murat in 1815, the Bourbons were once more restored to power. This time, however, no action was taken against Abamonti. Not only was he allowed his freedom but he received high office in the Royal government. He was author of two major legal works: Saggio sulle leggi fondamentali I dell Italiano libera and Progetto di costituzione per la Lombardia.