Encyclopedia of Southern Italy – F

Charles: (b. Dec. 10, 1811). Prince of Capua.

Leopold: (b. May 22, 1813). Count of Syracuse.

Maria Antoinette: (b. Dec. 19, 1814).

Antonio: (b. Sept. 23, 1816). Count of Lecce.

Maria Amelia: (b. Feb. 25, 1818).

Caroline: (b. Feb. 29, 1820).

Theresa: (b. Mar. 14, 1822).

Louis: (b. July 19, 1824). Count of Aquila.

Francis: (b. Aug. 13, 1827). Count of Trapani.

Francis II: King of the Two Sicilies (r1859-1861).

Francis of Paola, S.: (b. 1416, Paola, Calabria; d. Apr. 1507). Monk. He was the founder of the religious order of the Friars Minim.

Francis of Paola, Friars of the Order of S.: A monastic order founded in 1474 by the Calabrian St. Francis of Paola. It is organized by the Franciscan rule. Members of this Order wear dark brown habits with rope belts. The friars sleep on the ground, and subsist on a diet mainly of bread and water, with occasional fish and vegetables. Their superior in called a Corrector. They are sometimes called Friars Minim. The Order was confirmed by Pope Sixtus IV.

                King Louis XI of France gave them the nickname of Bons Hommes.

Francofonte (SR): A commune in the province of Siracusa.

Frangipane, Giuliano: (fl. 2nd part of the 15th Century). Ecclesiastic. Noted for his wisdom, he was elected Bishop of Caiazzo in 1472.

Frangipane, Ottavio Mirto: (fl. 2nd part of the 16th Century). He was elected Bishop of Caiazzo in 1572.

Francolise (CE): A commune in the province of Caserta. Population: 4,919 (2006e).

Frascineto (CS): A commune in the province of Cosenza. Population: 2,399 (2006e).

Frasso Telesino (BN): A commune in the province of Benevento. Population: 2,558 (2007e); 2,588 (2006e).

Frattamaggiore (NA): A commune in the province of Napoli.

Frattaminore (NA): A commune in the province of Napoli.

Frazzano’ (ME): A commune in the province of Messina. Population: 860 (2006e).

Frederick II: King of Sicily (r1198-1250).

Frederick II (III): King of Sicily (Trinacria) (r1296-1336).

Frederick III “the Simple”: King of Sicily (Trinacria) (r1355-1377).

Frederick IV: King of Naples (r.1496-1500).

Fresagrandinaria (CH): A commune in the province of Chieti. Population: 1,097 (2006e).

Fresco: a technique of wall-painting in which the artist applies water-colored paint to wet plaster. This method is more permanent than painting on dry plaster as the color is absorbed into the wall’s surface.

Fretrum Siculum: Ancient name for the Strait of Messina.

Frigento (AV): A commune in the province of Avellino. Population: 4,110 (2007e); 4,100 (2006e).

Frignano> (CE): A commune in the province of Caserta. Population: 8,489 (2006e).

Frisa (CH): A commune in the province of Chieti. Population: 1,941 (2006e).

friscalettu: an ancient type of flute from Sicily made of cane. Still in use for folk-music, it has 7 front holes and 2 holes in the back.

Frontini, F. Paolo: b. Catania, Aug. 6, 1860. Dramatic composer and director. He studied under P. Platania at Palermo, and under Lauro Rossi at Naples. In 1917 he became Director of the Catania Music Institute. Among his works were the operas Nella (Catania, 1881); Malia (Bologna 1893); Il Falconire (Catania), Aleramo; the oratorio Sansone (1882), and several songs and piano pieces.

Frosolone (IS): A commune in the province of Isernia. Population: 3,301 (2006e).

Fufluns: Etruscan god of vegetation, health and celebration. The son of the earth-goddess Semia, he is closely associated with the Greek Dionysus and the Roman Bacchus.

Fuga, Ferdinando: b. 1699, Florence. d. Rome, 1781. Architect. A pupil of G.B. Foggini, he centered his earlier career at Rome but came to Naples in 1726 to create the chapel in the Palazzo Cellamare (1726-1727). Returning to Rome, he created several major Baroque projects for the Church. In 1751, he returned to Naples at the behest of King Charles III to work in collaboration with L. Vanvitelli as court architect. Some of his great projects there were never or only partially realized. These include: Albergo dei Poveri: conceived as a hospice for 8,000 poor from throughout the kingdom of Naples (incomplete).