Anzano di Puglia

Anzano di Puglia (formerly Anzano degli Irpini) (FG): A commune (area: 11.12 km²; alt. 760 m) in the province of Foggia. Located 65 km SW of Foggia, it is situated in the Subapennines near the sources of the torrent Frugna. Population: 2,057 (2006e); 2,365 (1991); 3,013 (1911). The communal territory is devoted to pasturage and the cultivation of cereals.

History: Prior to 1929 the commune, then called Anzano degli Irpini, belonged to the Campanian province of Avellino. Its name was changed when it was transferred to the Puglian province of Foggia.

Major earthquakes were felt here in 1851, 1893, 1930, and 1980.